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Turtles - Day 1
ctplaysgam... · 4th Jul 2014
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Turtles have feelings the group.
We brought you all here to ask do turtles have feelings, with our awesome team we figured out turtles do have feelings we have search long and hard for this to come.We fight,train,and battle for what's ahead of us.this will be our sight our world OUR creation. 

If you fear for your turtle everyday please contact me of john if you have no clue who john is look it up on google i'm sure you'll find it! We'll find a cure. If you'd like to donated to our turtle fan club for awesome stuff (server,Awesome parties, Upgrades,and Turtle armor.) Together we will fight for our turtles freedom.

Not welcome to the sight:
Non turtle lovers. 

Owner: ctplaysgames2014  
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